Tuesday, February 15, 2011

NSDC Statement on MGM Resorts' New Health Care Policy


Andrew Davey, Secretary & Political Director
(702) 806-1340/ atdnext@gmail.com
Chris Miller, President
(702) 569-6744/ chrisisademocrat@gmail.com 

We at the Nevada Stonewall Democratic Caucus (NSDC) are delighted to learn that MGM Resorts International, Nevada's largest employer and the world's second largest gaming company, is reiterating its commitment to transgender inclusive non-discrimination policies and revising its health care policies in order to ensure a fair and inclusive workplace for all its employees, including its transgender employees. MGM has a long and distinguished record of treating its gay and lesbian employees with respect and dignity, and in supporting Nevada's LGBTQ community, so we are glad to see MGM step up and give the same respect and dignity to transgender workers who have long sought this level of equality.

We want to thank all our NSDC members and activists who have worked months, and even years, to secure workplace equality for all LGBTQ workers at MGM Resorts International, as well as other Nevada employers. We particularly want to thank our friends and partners at HRC Las Vegas who have worked tirelessly in lobbying MGM leadership to make their company and their workplace fully inclusive and welcoming to all LGBTQ Nevadans. In addition, we want to thank our friends and colleagues at Equality Nevada, including the always awe inspiring equality activist Jane Heenan, for constantly beating the drum for equality and taking direct action to let MGM know that we Nevadans wanted them to give its transgender workers the same fair and equal treatment as every other MGM employee. And finally, we would like to thank all the rest of our amazing fellow community activists for working inside and raising noise outside to make this all happen. We are incredibly proud of everyone who worked alongside each other and with MGM to do this for MGM's transgender workers and Nevada's transgender community.

We at NSDC understand that our work is far from over, and we will not stop or rest until all LGBTQ workers in Nevada and nationwide can enjoy the same fairness and equality that LGBTQ workers have now achieved at Caesars Entertainment, Wynn Resorts, and now MGM Resorts International. We hope to continue to work with our community partners here in Nevada to continue encouraging more local employers to make their workplaces fully inclusive, and to let our legislators in Carson City and Washington, DC, know that we all prosper when we are all equal.


Nevada Stonewall Democratic Caucus was founded in 2005. Our membership consists of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Nevadans and our straight allies. We will lobby and educate members of the Nevada State Legislature to protect the rights and advocate on behalf of Nevadans who are routinely discriminated against because of their sexuality and gender identity. 


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