Thursday, March 31, 2011

Do Not Support Hate and Bigotry

The following individuals responded to the Nevada Concerned Citizens Group Values Voters Guide. This group is an organization that we would consider Religious Right Zealots. The only thing we can say is that to even agree to complete their questionnaire and seek their endorsement would mean they support Hate and Bigotry.

We truly applaud the candidates NOT on this list.

Boulder City
Council Linda Graham
Council Rodney S. Woodbury
Mayor Linda G. Strickland
Mayor Roger Tobler ENDORSED

Council 1 Edward Hamilton
Council 2 John Simmons
Council 4 Ron Hubel
Council 4 Michael Mayberry ENDORSED

Las Vegas
Mayor Larry Brown
Mayor Katherine Duncan
Mayor Joe Falco
Mayor Larry M.Jeppesen
Mayor Christine Montez
Mayor Marlene Rogoff
Mayor Steven D.Ross ENDORSED
Mayor Anthony Wernicke

Council 1 Margarita Rebollal
Council 3 Tony Liker ENDORSED
Council 3 Carlo Poliak
Council 5 Randy Voyard

Council Leo Black Jr.
Council Kraig Hafen ENDORSED
Council Allan S.Litman
Council Justin Ludvigson
Council Robert Smith

North Las Vegas
Council 2 CarlGatson ENDORSED
Council 4 Wade Wagner ENDORSED

Henderson Municipal Court
3 William M.Waters

Las Vegas Municipal Court
2 Marco Angioni II
2 Sonny Bonaventure Chose not to have answers published
2 Robert Kurth
2 Susan Roger
2 George Trachtman Chose not to have answers published

North Las Vegas Municipal Court
1 MarshaKimble-Simms
1 Catherine Ramsey

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