Thursday, March 31, 2011

Steve Ross and Larry Brown Support a Repeal of Nevada Citizen's Rights

By Chris Miller
President, Nevada Stonewall Democratic Caucus

As President of the NSDC and a member of the Nevada State Democratic Party Executive Board it is my job to proudly support Democratic candidates at all levels of government. As a leader in Nevada's LGBTQ community it is my job to call out those who are not supportive of LGBTQ rights.

Last night, March 30, 2011, I attended a mayoral forum hosted by Si Se Puede, the Latino Democratic Caucus. There were 4 Democratic candidates present to answer a variety of questions that effect Hispanic citizens of Las Vegas. Because of a response by some of the candidates to a recent endorsement questionnaire by the Nevada Values Coalition, there was a question asked concerning Nevada's current Domestic Partnership law during this forum. The 4 candidates were asked if they would support a repeal of the Domestic Partnership law that was enacted 2 years ago. Here are there responses:

Katie Duncan said "NO".

Chris Giunchigliani said she would never even answer any questionnaire from an organization that would be in favor of such a thing. "NO"


In the 2009 Legislative Session, Sen. David Parks courageously introduced SB283, The Domestic Partnership Act. A host of LGBTQ and Straight Ally organizations lobbied the Nevada Legislature to pass this bill and to then override Governor Gibbons Veto. We were successful.

On a side note, I will never forget the historic night sitting in the gallery as the Nevada Senate passed this hugely important civil rights legislation.

Now, 2 years later, how we can have 2 Democrats running for Mayor of Nevada's largest city saying they would support a repeal of this bill is unfathomable. These 2 candidates want to remove rights from their citizens. To this I say...NO WAY!!

You can all make up your own mind on whom to vote for, personally, I will not support Larry Brown or Steve Ross for Mayor of Las Vegas.

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  1. Larry Brown has nothing but old white people in his TV ads. Let's do the math: old white people + anti gay = TEABAGGER! Larry Brown is crypto-teabagger!!!