Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Note from Chris Giunchigliani

Chris Giunchigliani is the Democrat running for Mayor of Las Vegas, and is a past officer of Southern Nevada Stonewall. She has a strong pro-equality track record, but her opponent has made some concerning, and at times contradictory, statements on providing equal rights for Nevada's LGBTQ families. Early voting starts this Saturday for municipal election runoffs in the Clark County cities of Boulder City, Henderson, Las Vegas, Mesquite, and North Las Vegas.

May 17, 2011
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Carolyn Goodman opposes gay marriage

Candidate for Mayor admits opposition to gay marriage, shows “stunning lack of knowledge of LGBT issues”

LAS VEGAS-Sunday night Carolyn Goodman and Chris Giunchigliani finally debated on Channel 8 news. Carolyn Goodman has refused to debate Chris Giunchigliani since April 21st and has canceled over a half dozen previously scheduled debates. It was clear from Carolyn Goodman’s confusing responses last night why she has been so hesitant to debate.

Carolyn Goodman was asked about her comments at a forum  in front of the Lambda Business Association, moderated by Steve Friess (it was not a debate—Goodman refused to share the stage and left in the middle of Giunchigliani’s interview).  At the event she was asked if she supported gay marriage and she commented that if she were gay and wanted to get married she would “be going to a state right now that legalizes a marriage of same sex individuals” but opposed gay marriage in Nevada.

In Sunday night’s debate she claimed the comment was taken out of context. She then reaffirmed her opposition tomarriage equality but thinks if there was “urgency” for a gay couple to get married, they should leave the state, but then return once they were married. She failed to define “urgency.”

Her remarks come as commentators are noting Nevada’s failure to stay competitive in  the expansion of the tourist wedding market, losing out to gay-friendly states.

Carolyn Goodman appeared to not understand the fact that if a gay couple is married out of state and returns, Nevada doesn’t recognize their marriage or their rights as a family.

"Carolyn Goodman has repeatedly shown a stunning lack of knowledge on LGBT issues, especially marriage equality" said National Stonewall Democrats board member Bill Jacobs.  “Las Vegas deserves a Mayor who is ready to take the reins and begin governing on the first day of work, not someone who will need an extended on the job training program.”

"I find it offensive that Carolyn Goodman would suggest that I go to another state if I felt the need to have the same rights as any other loving couple in Nevada", said LGBT community leader James Healey.

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