Wednesday, May 11, 2011

NSDC Statement on AB 211's Passage

Andrew Davey, Secretary & Political Director 
(702) 806-1340/ 
Chris Miller, President 
(702) 569-6744/ 
We at Nevada Stonewall Democratic Caucus (NSDC) were encouraged today by 
the passage of AB 211 in the Nevada State Senate today.  If this bill is signed into 
law by Governor Sandoval, it will represent significant progress in the fight for 
LGBTQ equality here in Nevada. AB 211 is the fully inclusive ENDA (Employment 
Non-discrimination Act) that rejects the notion of “legalized” workplace 
discrimination against transgender Nevadans. 
As of now, far too many workers have lost their jobs for no good reason. And as 
we in Nevada are still enduring the pain of a difficult recession and the beginning 
of a fragile economic recovery, we can not afford this kind of chronic, forced 
unemployment. Workplace nondiscrimination truly is a jobs issue, and AB 211 
goes a great distance to better ensure all Nevadans who seek honest work can 
obtain it. 
As the 76th Session of the Nevada Legislature continues, NSDC will continue to 
watch what happens in Carson City, advocate for bills that advance LGBTQ 
equality, and work for a fair & sensible budget that works for all of Nevada’s 
working families. And with The Legislature’s passage of AB 211 today, we are 
confident about continued progress on ending unjust discrimination, advancing 
civil rights, and ensuring all in our community can access quality education & 
health care. 
Nevada Stonewall Democratic Caucus was founded in 2005. Our membership consists of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Nevadans and our straight allies. We will lobby and educate members of the Nevada State Legislature to protect the rights and advocate on behalf of Nevadans who are routinely discriminated against because of their sexuality and gender identity. 

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